IndusInd Bank Credit Card – Features, Benefits & Apply Online

IndusInd Bank offers a wide range of credit cards with exciting features and benefits to suit the diverse needs of its customers. From travel rewards and cashback offers to lifestyle privileges and discounts, these credit cards bring a host of advantages to the table. If you’re considering applying for an IndusInd Bank credit card, this blog post will walk you through the various features and benefits of their credit cards, and provide a step-by-step guide on how to apply for one online. Whether you’re a frequent traveler looking for travel perks or a shopaholic in search of rewarding cashback offers, IndusInd Bank has a credit card tailored just for you.

Features of IndusInd Bank Credit Cards

As a customer of IndusInd Bank, you can enjoy a range of features with our credit cards that are designed to make your banking experience convenient and rewarding.

Earn Reward Points That Excite

To make your shopping and spending more exciting, our credit cards offer reward points on every transaction. Whether you’re booking flights, dining out, or shopping for your favorite brands, you can earn reward points that can be redeemed for a variety of exciting gifts, vouchers, and discounts.

What’s more, with our partner offers and bonus rewards, you can maximize your reward points and get even more value out of your purchases.

Safety and Security Features

For your peace of mind, IndusInd Bank Credit Cards come with advanced safety and security features. Our cards are equipped with chip and PIN technology, providing an extra layer of protection against unauthorized transactions.

Additionally, you can enjoy the benefits of 24×7 fraud monitoring, SMS alerts for every transaction, and the option to instantly block your card in case of loss or theft. With these security features, you can have confidence in the safety of your transactions and personal information.

Benefits of Having an IndusInd Credit Card

While credit cards provide convenience and flexibility, an IndusInd Bank credit card comes with a range of benefits that cater to your specific lifestyle and needs. From exclusive discounts and offers to making travel more rewarding, an IndusInd credit card is designed to enhance your overall banking experience.

Exclusive Discounts and Offers

An IndusInd Bank credit card opens the door to a wide array of exclusive discounts and offers, tailored to suit your interests and preferences. Whether you are a foodie, a fashion enthusiast, or a travel buff, there are discounts and special deals waiting for you at your favorite restaurants, retail outlets, and travel destinations. These exclusive offers and discounts add value to your everyday purchases and allow you to save money while enjoying the things you love.

Travel Made More Rewarding

Rewarding your wanderlust, IndusInd Bank credit cards offer enticing rewards and benefits for the avid traveler. From earning air miles on every purchase to enjoying complimentary airport lounge access, travel insurance, and discounts on flights and hotel bookings, your IndusInd credit card enhances your overall travel experience. Whether you are a frequent flyer or an occasional traveler, the travel-related benefits of an IndusInd credit card make each trip more enjoyable and cost-effective.

Discounts on flights, hotel bookings, and dining at select partner establishments make your travel experiences more affordable and enjoyable. With an IndusInd credit card, you can make the most of your vacation budget, allowing you to explore new destinations and create lasting memories with your loved ones.

How to Apply for Your IndusInd Bank Credit Card

Your journey to owning an IndusInd Bank credit card begins with the application process. Applying for your credit card is simple, convenient, and hassle-free. We’ve outlined the steps below to help you get started on your application for your very own IndusInd Bank credit card.

Online Application Process Explained

The online application process for your IndusInd Bank credit card is designed to be quick and easy. Simply visit the IndusInd Bank website, locate the credit card section, and select the card that best suits your financial needs. Complete the online application form with your personal details, contact information, and employment details. Once submitted, your application will be processed, and you will be notified of the status in a timely manner.

Required Documentation and Eligibility

Bank statements, proof of income, and identity documentation are commonly required for credit card applications. Ensure that you have these documents ready when applying for your IndusInd Bank credit card. Additionally, make sure that you meet the eligibility criteria, which may include a minimum age requirement, minimum income criteria, and a good credit score.

For instance, individuals above the age of 18 and with a steady source of income are eligible to apply for an IndusInd Bank credit card. It is important to have a good credit history and submit the necessary documentation to support your application.


With these considerations in mind, the IndusInd Bank credit card proves to be a reliable and beneficial option for those seeking a credit card. Its numerous features, including reward points, cashback offers, and exclusive privileges, make it an attractive choice for individuals looking for a comprehensive credit card option. Additionally, the easy online application process makes it convenient for potential customers to apply and get started with their new credit card. Overall, the IndusInd Bank credit card offers a range of benefits and features that cater to various needs, making it a great choice for those in search of a credit card that not only provides financial flexibility, but also exclusive perks and rewards.


Q: What are the features of IndusInd Bank Credit Card?

A: IndusInd Bank Credit Card offers features such as reward points on every transaction, travel benefits, dining offers, concierge services, and zero lost card liability. You can also choose from a range of credit cards tailored to your lifestyle and needs.

Q: What are the benefits of IndusInd Bank Credit Card?

A: The benefits of IndusInd Bank Credit Card include access to airport lounges, fuel surcharge waiver, exclusive discounts on shopping, entertainment, and dining, complimentary movie tickets, and easy EMI conversion options for large purchases.

Q: How can I apply for an IndusInd Bank Credit Card online?

A: You can apply for an IndusInd Bank Credit Card online by visiting the official website of the bank, filling out the credit card application form, and submitting the required documents. Alternatively, you can also visit a nearby branch of IndusInd Bank to apply for a credit card in person.

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